These are the rules for a perfect manicure These are the rules for a perfect manicure

These are the rules for a perfect manicure

For a perfect manicure you need to take care of your nails and cuticles, but what type of products should you use? Here are the ultimate 5 rules.

If I want to cheer myself up, I go grab my collection of nail polishes and play with all the colors. It is a way of showing my creativity, it makes me feel confident and it is just fun for me. But, if you want to show off the perfect mani, there are some rules you have to abide by.



1. Shape your nails

After clipping your nails, make sure you file any rough edge you may see and use the light side of the file to buff the top of your nail. Having an even shape will make your hands look way neater.

2. Tend to your cuticles once a month

It is paramount to maintain the skin around your nails smooth and even. Once a month, push them gently back –it is better to do so with a rounded tool so it keeps its rounded shape. This will make your nail polish last longer and it will be easier to apply nail polish. You can try trimming your cuticles if you are confident enough, if not, leave it to professionals as it might lead to bleeding.

3. Take care of your hands daily

Don’t leave your nails unattended –that means using rich hand creams, some oils to massage the nailbeds and of course hear SPF on your hands, especially if you are going for a gel manicure.

4. Exfoliate

Massage with a nail scrub in circular motions on your nails and cuticles, sugar scrubs are perfect as they are not to harsh on your skin.

5. Cover your nails at night

If you have dry hands and cuticles, you can apply some heavy cream to your nails and cuticles, take a small amount and apply in circular motions. You can actually put on gloves if you feel comfortable in them.

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