These are Milla Jovovich's favorite beauty tips and tricks These are Milla Jovovich's favorite beauty tips and tricks

These are Milla Jovovich's favorite beauty tips and tricks

The star of Resident Evil seems to have found the fountain of youth. The Ukrainian-born actress has many tips and tricks to her sleeve that allows her to be big screen-ready at all times. Discover her favorite tips today.

The intensity of her gaze and her special features make anyone fall in love with her. It's that Milla Jovovich is a woman of multiple talents, as well as a more than remarkable beauty, which she keeps with her routine.

Her secret. According to Milla,  her biggest beauty secret consists basically of "being happy as I am and with what I do in life". Even so, she also affirms that with the hectic pace of life she leads, she needs to take good care of her skin.

Meet Milla Jovovich's beauty tips and to keep fit

Her first step every morning after cleaning her face is to apply L´Oréal Paris Collagen Filler, which, in addition to blurring expression lines, acts as a perfect makeup base.

Her lips: She usually uses lipsticks in intense tones, such as the aubergine tone that she herself has chosen as her favorite color in the Color Riche Star Secrets collection at L´Oréal Paris and on which she has stamped her own signature.

She just wears a touch of makeup stick and some lip gloss.

Their hair:  Her fondness for look changes is also known worldwide. She loves to change the color of her hair, we have been able to see her from blonde, brunette, or intense redhead, going through a wide range of brown.

The color specialist Christophe Robin says: "Milla is one of those few women who can afford to go from blonde to brunette or vice versa while maintaining all her elegance, mystery, and indisputable beauty". These continuous changes in the look of her hair make it essential for her to use good hair care.

Food: Fan of the Japanese food and culture, Milla knows how to limit her portion to what's healthy. Eating more but smaller meals throughout the day.

She is a fan of Japanese food

Her makeup: In her daily life, she just wears a touch of foundation and some lip gloss. Once a week, she uses a purifying mask followed by a hydrating mask for extra care. She likes to play with makeup to go from looking innocent to totally sophisticated.

Her eyes: As her eyes are very light-colored, she does not use black eyeliner or mascara, opting for gray color, which is softer, except in very special makeup for photography.

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