Want to glow like a celebrity? Try Kendall Jenner's this 3-step skincare routine! Want to glow like a celebrity? Try Kendall Jenner's this 3-step skincare routine!

This is Kendall Jenner's 3-step skincare routine you should try ASAP!

Kendall is all about perfection: a natural look and a simple beauty routine. The good news is that you can also have her glowy complexion. Let's see all her secrets for the perfect skin!

Kendall is radiant 24/7, her skin is flawless, her makeup as well, but the good news is that following her routine is not as difficult as it may seem! Although she has a very strict beauty routine, it needn't be so complicated.

It is all about the cleansing

I'm very simple and lazy with my beauty routine. I wouldn't say I'm that daring. But I've always been super OCD about washing my face—and that's even before I started modeling. But it's definitely enhanced now because I wear so much makeup all the time. I wash my face at least two or three times a day." 

Kendall washes her face all the time, or three times per day, due to all her public appearances and her commitments, she has to wear tons of makeup all the time. The secret, she washes her face with a gentle cleanser in the morning and before she goes to bed and she makes no exception! Cleansing your face, especially at night, is the number one piece of advice for a glowy skin.

Courtesy: Byrdie Beauty. Kendall Jenner washes her face several times a day.

Antiaging advice

We know that there are several antiaging products and natural remedies that you can try, but the truth is that the best protection against skin aging and dark spots is actually sunscreen. You must never forget to apply sun protection every day. 

Courtesy Vogue. Kendall always wears sunscreen.


Night Detox before sleep

It is also paramount to give your skin an extra boost of hydration before going to bed. Kendall uses a blend of powerful antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, alpha-lipoic acid, and coenzyme q10 to hydrate the skin and minimize the appearance of pores over time cause she's acne-prone.

Kendall prefers powerful antioxidants like vitamin C or E.

Always a balm with her!

If you want to have the perfect plump and smooth mouth, you must never forget to use a lip scrub and a balm afterward. Jenner said that she's a fan of this lip moisturizer for keeping her mouth ultra-hydrated.

Kendall always applies balm for plump lips!

Bonus: Her everyday makeup 

I literally can do my makeup in 15 minutes or less…20 tops,” Jenner says.

If you want to wear makeup like a pro and have a red carpet look every day, you might check her makeup application out. Here is how she applies her everyday makeup! You'll see it's super simple!

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