Skincare for beginners: these are the rookie mistakes you should avoid Skincare for beginners: these are the rookie mistakes you should avoid

Skincare for beginners: these are the rookie mistakes you should avoid

Skincare can be as easy as A, B, C if you know where to start!

Skincare is a pleasurable moment of the day when you can treat your skin and feel well about it, but it’s not only about applying products. The ingredients in these products have to be combined correctly in order to achieve better, more thoughtful skincare. Let’s see the following rookie mistakes that will allow you to perfect your routine by introducing some small changes.

1-Don’t exfoliate that much

Every expert will tell you that to exfoliate your skin using acids such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid slough off dead skin cells, minimize the appearance of fine lines and help with hyperpigmentation. Although this is true, there’s a dark side of it. If you use it correctly and sparingly they are perfect for glowy skin but if you use it incorrectly it will damage your skin. For example, a common mistake is using more than one acid combined believing they will act quicker. The only thing they will do is irritate your skin.

2-Oily skin still needs to be moisturized

Oily skins are difficult. But most people think they have oily skin when they actually have dehydrated skin. Sometimes the skin reacts producing more oil to compensate the lack of moisture it needs. That’s why hydrating and moisturizing your face are the most important steps in your routine.

If your skin lacks water it’s dehydrated and you can add a serum with hyaluronic acid into your routine. But when your skin is dry, you’re most likely not moisturizing enough. No matter your skin type, these steps are never to be missed. Your skin will be thankful.

3-Don’t rush while you wash your face!

The face needs to be washed at least for 60 seconds. That’s a rule that most people forget to follow. People who implemented this simple rule into their routines started saying how much softer and even their skin got when they actually started cleansing properly.

4-Take the time to cleanse your skin properly

The “double cleansing” is a trend now. Cleansing the face at night is a crucial step for a skincare routine. Think about oil build-up, SPF residue and all the dirt that has been building up on your face after a long day… a makeup wipe can’t just do it all! Double cleansing comes to the rescue. With an oil cleanser you melt off all the make-up and build-up before going in with your regular gel- or cream-based cleanser.

The best part? You can find an oil cleanser for every skin type. So, there’s no need to worry about the oil clogging your pores or making your skin even oilier as long as you stray away from comedogenic oils such as coconut oil.

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