Repurpose your makeup: transform your eyeshadow into nail polish! Repurpose your makeup: transform your eyeshadow into nail polish!

Repurpose your makeup: transform your eyeshadow into nail polish!

There's that color in every palette that is never used. No matter the occasion, you just never get to wear that shade. Well, here's an idea: you can transform it into long-lasting nail polish. Here's how.

This simple DIY guide will help you, finally, give a renewed purpose to that poor shade on your palette that you never ever wear. 

What you'll need:

You only need a few ingredients!


-Clear nail polish

-Cuticle pusher

-Paper funnel

What you'll do:

First of all, you need to make sure there is enough room for adding eyeshadow to your clear nail polish, so if you are using a new bottle, pour around 1/6  so you can work your way into creating a new polish. If you have already used the bottle and you can see some room at the top, there is no need to pour anything.

Once that is settled, let's get to work:

Crush the color of your palette until it turns to powder

Once you know which shade you will use, crush it up a bit using your cuticle pusher. There is no need to use too much force, as pressed eyeshadows come apart fairly easily. Crush gently until there are no noticeable big lumps and it forms a fine powder. Just be careful not to make a mess!

Once you have your now eyeshadow powder, use the cuticle pusher as a scoop or shovel to place the powder into the clear polish bottle. If you want, you can use the paper funnel to avoid spillage.

As to the amount of eyeshadow, it is completely up to you. The quantity of powder will have an impact on how opaque your polish turns out to be. If you want something on the sheer side, add about half the tray of powder. Your color won't be as bright, but the polish will be shiny. If you want full color and opaque polish, then add the whole tray.

Once you finish adding the powder, you will see that it tends to settle at the bottom of the bottle. So screw the cap on and shake it well to blend everything together.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the consistency of this long-lasting polish is a bit more liquid, so it is a bit harder to control when you apply it. 

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