Parisian Bangs: How to Cut Your Bangs at Home Parisian Bangs: How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

Parisian Bangs: How to cut your bangs at home

If what you want is to achieve the hair of a Parisian, you can start by cutting your bangs from home in simple steps. Let's see how to do it.

The Parisian style is enviable in terms of makeup, outfits, and, of course, hair. But to achieve that look that you fall in love with, you just have to follow these simple steps. Let's do it!

One of the strongest trends: a short bob and bangs. The secret to keeping your look on top, in all circumstances? Keep your cut refreshing regularly.

All you need are a scissor and a comb

Mark the part to cut
To do this, simply comb the wet bangs into a triangle to define the part to be cut and prevent more strands from slipping.

The cut
When cutting, don't cut with a clean-cut, but separate the small strands with your fingertips and cut just above. A first cut may be enough. After equalization, it is possible to make a second cut according to the needs and wishes of each one.

Blow-dry your hair to see the final result. All that's left is to make a few finishing touches if necessary.


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