Oily hair? you might be doing this wrong! Oily hair? you might be doing this wrong!

Oily hair? you might be doing this wrong!

If you wash your hair, but it doesn't look clean, it's time to check what you are doing wrong.

Has your hair felt oilier than normal? You are probably making mistakes that get it dirty and that go beyond cleaning.


In addition to hygiene, there are other factors, such as contamination and products, that make your hair look dirty, dull, or with lack of volume, and you probably didn't know. Discover below the tricks that make hair look unclean and how to fix it to put an end to that look!

You don't brush it enough

Brushing is a way to remove product residues from the hair, as well as to distribute the oils produced by the scalp. If you do not do it daily or do it only once a day, your hair will be greasier, dirty, and matted.

It is ideal to brush or comb your hair before bathing and before going to sleep.

You're washing it too quickly

Due to the rush and the short time available, it is likely that you will not dedicate the washing time your hair deserves. This causes impurities to accumulate easily.

Ideally, moisten your hair and apply a good quantity of shampoo, massage, and rinse until there is not even a trace of soap left. Apply the conditioner for at least 3 minutes.

You're washing it with cold water

Low temperatures do not allow the hair cuticle to open. Cold water doesn't help to remove oil and dirt.

You wear a lot of accessories and hair products

Believe it or not, having an extensive routine of care and styling products can make your hair get dirtier. If you use a lot of accessories such as scarves, hats, very large headbands, etc., they can make your head sweat.

Perspiration, environmental contamination, and excess products create an environment conducive to the proliferation of bacteria.

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