Is your hair breaking? Here are the best treatments Is your hair breaking? Here are the best treatments

Is your hair breaking? Here are the best treatments

Tired of damaged hair? This list will save your life.

Ah, the annoying fact that a once beautiful mane can easily be weakened and start breaking. However, here are some MAGIC treatments that will recover your hair's natural shine in no time.

1-Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3

Olaplex has finally made the at-home version of this in-salon treatment every hairdresser loves and this product is now loved by pros and consumers and beauty editors alike. It uses a unique technology to help rebuild the bonds that are broken when hair is damaged and delivers impressive results after just a few uses. Use it once a week for a few months and you will notice the difference.

2-Pantene Miracle Intense Rescue Shots

These Pantene single-use ampoules have the most concentrated formula ever made by the company. It is a deep conditioning treatment that targets damage caused by heat styling, coloring, chemical processing, and everything else. It also helps prevent split ends and restores tons of moisture. People claim that after one single use they have notice the difference.

3-Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil

Moisturizing and hydrating your hair is key and what better helper than coconut oil? This extra virgin, totally pure option is great for either dabbing onto damaged ends or even being used as an all-over mask—there’s really no wrong way. God bless coconut oil.

4-Phyto Phytoelixir Intense Nutrition Mask

This product nourishes hair, replenishes hydration, and improves elasticity,”The creamy mask is also ideal for warding off future issues as it’s rich in vitamin E, camellia, and Karanja oils, which are key ingredients for protecting hair fibers from further damage.

5-Matrix Unbreak My Blonde Reviving Leave-In Treatment

This product is actually a good choice for anyone who lightens their hair (hair bleaching is a prime cause of damage). It claims to balance the hair’s pH and reinforces the protein bonds while also conditioning hair to leave it generally softer and shinier—and stronger, too, of course. Reviewers rave about how good it makes their hair both look and feel.

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