Is it time to replace your precious makeup? Is it time to replace your precious makeup?

Is it time to replace your precious makeup?

Sometimes we become very attached to a makeup product that lasts longer than it should. Is it time to throw away some of them?

How you store your makeup has a big impact on its longevity. The best you can do is to put it where there’s not much light and is not a super warm temperature, as in a dark drawer.


For anyone who loves the aesthetic of having theirs displayed on a shelf or bathroom counter, that’s something to reconsider. Makeup is typically stored in bathrooms and tends to attract a lot of bacterial contamination.

Solids versus liquids

Dry items with fewer perishable ingredients naturally last longer than liquids, which often contain oils that can go rancid. Compacts and palettes are pretty safe, but liquids like skincare or foundation can lead to damage if used past the expiration date. As people open and use the products, microorganisms are introduced along with oxygen. Preservatives in these products are effective at keeping harmful microorganisms at bay, but they eventually lose their efficacy, allowing microorganisms to proliferate rapidly.

Bacterial infection: the major risk

Over time the risk of bacteria on your makeup products proliferates. Unsafe levels of bacteria in makeup pose a potential health risk. Even though the presence of bacteria does not guarantee you’ll get an infection, it means there is some risk anyway, which can be avoided by not keeping cosmetics on hand for too long. So you can be on safer ground.

Less wow factor: the small risk

Makeup that is past its prime may be less effective. The active ingredients can lose their punch over time despite preservatives, so you might not see the colors you had expected from your products. As time passes, antioxidants become less effective, and emulsified ingredients begin to break down, which changes the color and texture of a product and causes the oils and waters to separate, which all impacts the product's quality.

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