ow to say goodbye to ingrown hairs for good ow to say goodbye to ingrown hairs for good

How to say goodbye to ingrown hairs for good

Ingrown hairs range from almost unnoticeable, to being extremely annoying and painful. Here's a guide to say goodbye to them for good!

How to say goodbye to ingrown hairs for good 

Ingrown hairs tend to appear especially in those areas where you remove hair, either by plucking, waxing, or shaving. Let's see how we can address the root of the problem. 

Why do ingrown hairs appear?

After you've shaved or waxed your hair grows back and gets trapped underneath the skin, they are like swollen bumps that may sometimes get infected. 

What to do about them?

IIf you want to prevent ingrown hairs, the best way is to regularly exfoliate your skin, it is a good idea to steam the area to open up your pores and apply a body wash containing chemical exfoliators such as salicylic acid. Shedding dead skin cells will help unclog the follicle and make it easier for hair to grow.

If you shave, use a sharp, sanitized razor to avoid any infection. Use a shaving gel to avoid unnecessary friction.

If the problem persists, a good idea is to give laser hair removal a try, even a few sessions can solve the problem of ingrown hairs. 

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