Here's how to fix your dry cuticles Here's how to fix your dry cuticles

Here's how to fix your dry cuticles

No mani is complete if cuticles look bad!

1-Rub on shea butter or vitamin E oil to nourish cuticles

Between our 10-step skincare and bodycare routines, our cuticles are an often neglected part of our beauty regimen. But this can backfire in the form of dry, cracked skin that's prone to peeling. Here’s the thing: cuticles are important because they protect the nail from fungus and bacterial infections. It is recommended to keep them soft and hydrated (versus cutting them too much) to alleviate discomfort. Shea butter and vitamin E oil are two super nourishing ingredients that can help keep the cuticles soft and hydrated. Vitamin E, in particular, is a rich antioxidant and is great to help cracked cuticles heal faster.

2-Apply a moisturizing hand cream (and gloves) to boost moisture

If your bedtime routine involves slathering on a foot cream and slipping into a pair of socks, you'll love the idea of applying a super-strength hand cream and popping on some gloves.
This will moisturize things up for good and will bring emollient properties to the cuticle and can make them soft and supple while preventing cracks. Plus, you only need to do this a few times a week to reap longterm results.

3-Repair dryness with a cuticle oil

If you suffer from dry cuticles, it's important to keep cuticle oil on deck. Cuticle oils are an essential part to keeping the skin healthy, whether people know it or not. The key is to use them consistently—at least once a day. They prevent cuticles from drying out in the first place, and it’s always easier to prevent cracks and tears than it is to repair them.

4-Avoid biting and picking to prevent cracking

Biting and picking at your cuticles is especially tempting during the colder months when humidity levels drop and less moisture hits our skin. Keep this area consistently hydrated so there’s nothing sticking out that makes you want to bite them.

5-Do an Argan Oil Soak

Argan oil is chock-full of vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants, all of which are moisturizing and healing.

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