Fuller lips with natural methods? Yes, please! Fuller lips with natural methods? Yes, please!

Fuller lips with natural methods? Yes, please!

If you want fuller lips but want them to look natural and subtle, here are a few things you can try.

For some reason, having huge pillow-like lips has become a thing. And that might work for some people (and it is fine), but not everyone feels comfortable with lip injections. If that sounds like you, then we have something you may want to try out.

It is possible to have fuller lips without injections!

Cosmetics and technology usually work hand-in-hand to come up with better and innovative products that will help us look the way we want to but in a simpler way. However, if feel like a more natural approach to fuller lips, here are some options for you:

Lip scrubs

A natural way to get your lips plumped is by exfoliating them with lip scrubs. You can get a store-bought version or you can do it yourself using pantry items, like coconut oil and brown sugar. When exfoliating your lips, make small round movements and then rinse. After the lip scrub, it is recommended to use a Vitamin C lip treatment to hydrate and moisturize.

Collagen supplements

Lips tend to thin over time, studies show. And if you don’t want to get a lip injection, you can opt for taking a collagen supplement in order to prevent them from thinning too soon. This way, you will have fuller lips for longer.

Hyaluronic acid serum

You can get fuller lips by using a topical serum. Hyaluronic acid will rapidly moisturize your lips, making them look healthier and fuller. Just remember: every time you use a hyaluronic acid product, you need to top it off with an occlusive lip product, like oil or wax-based balm.     

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