Euphoria: the makeup trend that is still in force. Photo: HBO Euphoria: the makeup trend that is still in force. Photo: HBO

Euphoria: the makeup trend that is still in force

Euphoria sweeps. Even if you have not seen the series, you will know their styles. Do not resist this new latest fashion in makeup. Let's see!

Euphoria is the most imitated and consulted series in make-up, but look at what has been this Halloween. Rarely does a series become famous for its use of makeup, but so is the latest HBO show, Euphoria. The makeup artist Doniella Davy creates looks that help us understand the personality and development of the protagonists of the series, using makeup as a narrative tool.

A style like no other

Euphoria's outfits that, as its creator comments, are taken from Instagram, very fresh and super-viral. They have a certain 70s inspiration and at the same time, they are futuristic since they coexist with profiled lips, neon-colored eyeliners, glitter, strass crystals, and impossible eye shadows. A risky proposal that has completely conquered the audience of the series and influencers such as Dulceida or Aitana.

Euphoria Makeup
All the female characters in Euphoria are necessary to understand where today's young people, the so-called Generation Z, are going. Their makeups are dazzling just like themselves. Will you dare to try any of their looks?

Jules wears gothic gold-and-red makeup for her version of Juliet Capulet.

1. Artistic Jules
The complicated transsexual character played by Hunter Schafer, also a trans woman in real life undoubtedly wears the most creative make-up outfits. Jules is fun and dreamy, playful, and fierce. In Donni Davi's words: “her looks have to defy makeup and beauty standards, as well as having an element of experimentation”. This is achieved with minimalist and geometric designs that are very simple in their eyes, which highlight their enigmatic and, at the same time, naïf angelic appearance.

Rue's Glitter Tears.

2. Rue's tears
Zendaya masterfully interprets her complex character, through which she says goodbye to her Disney stage forever. And it is precisely this look of her face with the glittering tear, the cover image, and leitmotif of the series. The makeup artist uses glitter to explain Rue's double trip: drug trip and emotional trip. Thus, Dovy suggests depression and psychedelia, the contrast between light and dark, high, and tears. She also uses it to narrate unrealistic situations, created in fiction by the fantasy of the characters themselves, such as when we see Jacob Elordi turned into Tyler or 'Glitter Nate'.

Maddy's rhinestones are meant to give a "fantastical element."

3. Explosive Maddy
Actress and singer Alexa Demie plays the sexiest character on the show. With a Latin beauty that Davy outlines along with her lips, Maddy provokes and challenges. The character's apparent confidence reflects deep insecurity that prevents Maddie from being vulnerable. To our delight, we will never see her with her face washed, if not with striking outfits that capture all the attention. Her makeup creates powerful looks: bleached brows, extra-long lashes, and crystals framing the eyelid. 

Kat begins to wear bold makeup as her confidence grows.

4. Kat dominatrix
In this case, Doniella worked hand in hand with Barbie Ferreira, the plus-size model who plays this character. It was she who suggested taking inspiration from the retro looks of Thora Birch in the movie Ghost World. "I said, 'This is great! On this, I will base your appearance. Kat needs to be someone who empowers her sexuality through makeup. "

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