Don't hide your feet this summer! Make them glow with these simple DIY treatments Don't hide your feet this summer! Make them glow with these simple DIY treatments

Don't hide your feet this summer! Make them glow with these simple DIY treatments

With these simple tricks, you will want to wear sandals every day of the year whether it's warm or cold outside. 

The feet are one of the areas of our body that does the most work during the day. Walking, playing sports and other efforts involve tiring work that is sometimes not taken into account. Just as experts advise moisturizing the skin at any age, it is necessary not to stop paying attention to these areas of our extremities so that they suffer as little as possible the consequences of our long hours of work.


Why do feet get so dry?

The skin on the feet is usually under different circumstances than any other body part. That's why it behaves differently, too. Among the most common causes for dry feet, you can find:

A lack of natural moisture

Dry, cracked, and flaking skin is common on the heel and the sole because it is where we have fewer oil glands.


Standing for too long or wearing poorly fitting shoes can put constant pressure on certain areas of your feet or they can cause constant friction. This, naturally, irritates the skin and it becomes dry, calloused, and cracked.

Heat and humidity

Closed shoes, such as sneakers and boots, create a very hot and humid environment for the feet that can draw moisture from the skin, leading to dry, thick, or cracked areas.


Soaps and body washes can also contribute to dry feet because they contain irritants that can strip moisture away.

In order to avoid having cracked and dry feet, read on to find some natural remedies.

There are little inexpensive homemade tricks, beyond pumice, that require the use of popular ingredients.

Baths in saltwater:

In the same way that these areas end up tired from day to day or after sports practice, with the heat of these months, it sometimes happens that they end up swelling. To put an end to muscle fatigue in these areas, it is advisable to bathe your feet in water with salt.

Feet should first be immersed in hot water and then, by way of contrast, in icy salty water. Among its benefits are: relieve tension in the feet, activate circulation in this body region, and fight fatigue.

Natural foot scrub:

In the age of sandals, bare feet reveal the small defects typical of dry skin. Cracked heels are the consequence of careless treatment, but to eliminate the appearance of roughness and improve the smoothness of the area, there are several most effective foot scrubs, which should be administered once a week. One of them, the mint one, is easy to make and the components can be in your pantry.

You only need two cups of brown sugar, half a cup of olive oil, and 2 drops of peppermint essential oil. With the mixture of all these foods you get a consistent paste that should be applied in circles, for a couple of minutes, and then removed.

Chamomile against corns:

The property of an aromatic herb such as chamomile is an effective solution to end different sensations of discomfort. Beyond the symptoms of poor digestion, this natural alternative can be applied to the feet. It is an option to fight corn.

With 4 tablespoons of chamomile flower and a liter of water, you can make an infusion that will soften the area. The mixture is made in a large container, in which the feet will be inserted when the liquid is still hot.

Aloe Vera on calluses:

Aloe Vera is one of the plants with the most benefits for the skin. Although there are many ways to get 'its juice', whether you have a plant at home or if you have bottled natural gel, it can be used in these areas of the body.

The hardness of the feet, those unsightly and uncomfortable defects of these extremities, can be reduced by applying aloe vera every day. Making it part of the daily routine is key to making them disappear.

Intense hydration with olive oil:

Although it may seem strange at first, olive oil can also be our ally. The trick is to apply this oil on the feet, through a massage, just before sleeping. Don't forget to put on socks in order to wake up with more hydrated skin and say goodbye to dead cells.

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