Do I really need a heat protectant for my hair? Do I really need a heat protectant for my hair?

Do I really need a heat protectant for my hair?

I love styling my hair now and then, and I've always considered applying heat protectant a must, but is that so? Do I really need to protect my hair from hot styling tools?

 Do I really need a heat protectant for my hair?

 Whether you have straight or curly hair, you've probably used hot tools in the past, from flat iron to blow dryers, and you know that if you make heat styling part of your routine, it will eventually lead to damage.

Heating your hair weakens the bonds between the keratin in the cortex of your hair, that is precisely why heat allows us to give our hair a different shape to create a new look. This means that the incorrect use of styling tools can definitely lead to split ends and breakage. This is where heat protectants are supposed to help.

What do heat protectants claim to do?

Heat protectants create a barrier between your hair and the styling tool and there are countless products in the forms of sprays serums and gels. They usually contain silicon that slowly transfers the heat to prevent overheating -when your hair heats suddenly, it can damage your hair. 

Is it necessary to use a heat protectant?

The answer depends on how often you style your hair and how gentle you are with the heat you are applying. I would definitely recommend using a heat protectant if you style your hair every day. It will prevent further damage and give you a silky, shiny texture. Make sure to use your styling tools at the lowest temperature, it is better to spend a few extra minutes in the process than regretting having ruined your hair!

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