Did you know there is a right way to apply perfume? Did you know there is a right way to apply perfume?

Did you know there is a right way to apply perfume?

Wearing perfume every day doesn't mean we are doing it right!

Perfume is a great ally on many occasions and can even be easily associated with you if you always use the same one. People can recognize it as your smell and if you use perfume they will perceive you in a different way. 

So, let's see what we might be doing wrong when applying it!


Applying too much

No! This is one of the most common mistakes people make. Avoid spraying too much on you and your clothes because it will be smelled all the same.

Apply too little? Neither

Not one nor 11 sprays. 3 is the correct amount of sprays you need for the correct usage of perfume. 
Spraying perfume too early. Why are you applying perfume so much time before your meeting or event? Spraying it fifteen minutes before it will be ok!

Applying it too late

Neither. You can remember to put it on between 15 and 30 minutes before for better results.

Applying perfume in the wrong places

This is a very common one. Wrists and hands are not the best ones. You can use it around your ears, neck, and nape. 

Do not have a break from fragrance

If you just keep spraying perfume the whole day, your nose will be constantly smelling it and it will be tiring and overwhelming. Remember that if you use perfume it can last up to 24 hours on your skin, so there is no need to apply it regularly in a day. 

Moisturizer before application? Nah 

Many people apply some oil or moisturizer before spraying perfume. Although it can be a good idea for the body while having a normal day you might have a few areas where apply it. So, you will probably have an oily neck. You can avoid this step because it does have a great effect. 


There are many myths about how to apply perfume. The biggest NO is: applying it too near, spraying it to the air, and then catching it. Instead, you can try keeping a shoulder-width to apply it. 

Focus too much on fragrance

 Although they are important, you do not need to obsess over them.

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