Celebrities hairstylists: Their best hair care secrets Celebrities hairstylists: Their best hair care secrets

Celebrities hairstylists: Their best hair care secrets

Everything you must know to take real care of your hair!

Whether on the red carpet or in some series or just when celebrities are having a major event at their houses, hair always stands out. How do they do to have such amazing hair and hairstyles? Of course, they have the support and knowledge of their hairstylists.

Well, now you can get their tips too, just keep on reading to find out the secrets that will make your hair look amazing at all times.

Is washing your hair every day good?

1- Over-washing is not good for your hair

Celebrities stylist Daniel Bauer says, “Many people like to wash their hair every day so that they feel it’s clean, shiny and healthy. However, this strips the hair of the sebum layer, leaving hair raw and prone to tangles and frizz.” No matter how hard it is, you need to start having a new hair washing routine if you want to get different results. Don’t wash it every day!

2- Heated hair styling tools are dangerous for your hair

Heating implements no matter how good they are and how great you look with some beautiful curls must be used only from time to time as they can really damage your hair. Bauer confirms, “Heat styling damp hair is a guaranteed disaster. You are essentially boiling your hair, when the heat hits the water in your hair it boils it's creating steam. This kills your hair; there is no recovery.”

3- Sea salt is your new best hair friend

Sea salt spray is the hidden secret hairstylists use to finish a look, just spray it on dry hair, roughly curl random pieces, and then shake it out and go.

4- Shop smart

If you buy without thinking you buy a product that doesn't work for your hair type and you will just have it there and don’t use it. Ask yourself these questions before you purchase a product: is it too heavy for your hair? Is it appropriate for my hair type? Will it give me the results I need? Is it eco-friendly?

5- Hot water: a new enemy

Hot water when washing your hair is no good. Even if you are shampooing with warm water, rinse off your conditioner with cool water, as it seals the cuticle and gives extra shine.

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