Beauty and innovation go together and these products prove it Beauty and innovation go together and these products prove it

Beauty and innovation go together and these products prove it

Stunning beauty products you must definitely try as soon as you can!

These are products that have changed how people approach beauty:



Guide Eyeliner Duo

This is the cutting-edge gadget to get the perfect cat-eye look. Developed by Terri Bryant, a makeup artist who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, this eyeliner is a tool that steadies the hand to assist you as you draw the line. This tool is game-changing for people that have vision, grip, or mobility difficulties and that is why we love it.


Opte is a gadget that might sound like something you’d find in sci-fi movies, but it is quite real. It is a handheld makeup printer that detects sun spots, melasma or acne marks and deposits the perfect amount of pigmented serum to hide spots to perfection. Instead of applying foundation to your entire face, Opte scans spots with blue light and covers just the areas that are darker than your skin color. The whole application process will only take as much as 5 minutes, it looks perfectly natural and totally redefines the no-makeup look. It covers 98 percent of skin tones and can be used in virtually every skin type.




This is a 3D modeling software that prints gel stickers to fit your nails. You have to upload photos of your nails to the company’s site and they will create a perfect representation of your length, width and curvature and print the stickers. There are solid colors and nail art designs that you can choose from.

Eylure London C-Lash by Codilia Gapare

These falsies were created by Codila Gapere after going through cancer treatment. She had lost her lashes and found it difficult to wear falsies because most of their weight rests on the wearer’s own lashes. So she developed some falsies that have a soft and flexible band lined with a latex-free, medical-grade adhesive that you can directly apply to your lids.

Peel and reveal lip color

Designed to temporarily dye your lips, this lipstick will make your jaws drop. It applies like a gel that contains a special combination of moisturizers, acids and surfactants that allow the color to penetrate the outer layer of your lips. Then spray the lip activator and it transforms the gel into a firm film that you can peel. As it is water, not oil-soluble, it will last all day, look pretty natural and it will not transfer.

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