Age-defying: 3 rosehip oil benefits for younger-looking skin Age-defying: 3 rosehip oil benefits for younger-looking skin

Age-defying ingredients: 3 rosehip oil benefits for younger-looking skin

From exotic Patagonia to the world: In addition to being a beautiful flower, the rosehip has multiple benefits for skincare. You must’ve noticed its name on the label of many beauty and skincare items, as it’s becoming increasingly more popular for its great advantages and its positive effects on the skin. Learn what these are and how to make the most of rosehip oil!

If you are a skincare lover like me, you’ve heard wonders about the hydrating and anti-aging effects of rosehip oil —but does it really live up to the expectations? Let's see!

Rosehip oil is made from the seeds of a type of rose bush that is grown mainly in Chile and the south of Argentina -in a region called Patagonia. It is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that greatly benefit your skin. Rosehip oil is widely used in the cosmetics industry and has recently gained popularity in the media, but it’s been extracted from the seeds and fruits of the rose plant for its healing benefits for centuries. It also used by locals to make jams, sweets, liqueurs, teas and all kinds of cosmetic products and now that it has been rediscovered by the world you can also try it!

Rosehip oil is made from the seeds of a type of rose bush that is grown mainly in Chile and the south of Argentina.

Among its many benefits and properties for the skin, it includes vitamins, fatty acids, and phenols. The first ones are key to nourish the skin, while the last ones have presented protective abilities against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Rosehip oil can improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of scars.

Age-defying: 3 rosehip oil benefits for younger-looking skin

1. Skin healer

The antioxidants and essential fatty acids in rosehip oil can help to boost the healing and regeneration process of the skin tissue. In essence, these fatty acids are emollients, which improve the flexibility and permeability of the skin and are also responsible for its reparation process.

Rosehip can help with different skin concerns caused or related to skin cell damage, including the prevention of lines around the eyes and the treatment of scarring. In its powder formula, rosehip can protect the skin against so-called crow’s feet. Rosehip oil is very helpful when reducing the skin’s inflammation and scar color

2. Collagen-production booster

If you didn't know, collagen is an essential element when it comes to controlling your skin cells' aging. Its production has a visible and positive impact on your appearance, as it makes your skin more elastic and firm. The issue is, your body's collagen production decreases as you age.

Luckily, rosehip oil can help in the collagen production process.

Luckily, rosehip oil can help in the collagen production process. Its high amounts of vitamins A and C make it a great source of nutrients necessary to produce collagen. In addition to this, rosehip oil blocks the enzyme responsible for collagen breakdowns and increases the skin's elasticity.

Rosehip oil makes wonders in your daily skincare routine by boosting collagen production and rejuvenating your skin.

3. Moisturizer

Rosehip oil presents moisturizing properties in many of its forms. On one hand, you can benefit from better skin moisture by taking some rosehip powder orally. On the other hand, as an oil, it's not greasy nor dry, which is why it's another great choice if you're looking for a natural moisturizer that works on every skin type. Remember that moisturized skin presents fewer age-associated signs.

As for its hydrating properties, it's safe to say that rosehip oil is a good ally to fight both dry and itchy skin. Not only does it include many fatty acids that prevent water loss in your cells, but it's also easily absorbed by the skin. Hydration is key, especially for mature skin types and extreme weather conditions.

Use Rosehip oil as a nighttime moisturizer and benefit from its anti-aging properties!

Bonus: Sunscreen

The UV rays from the sun can damage the skin and cause premature aging. Its impact on the face can vary from blemishes to wrinkles and discoloration. The combination of properties in rosehip oil appears to fight this damage, thanks to its antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These damage free radicals and help improve the skin's tone, texture, and pigmentation, respectively.

Here we have seen the excellent benefits of rosehip in reducing the signs of aging and preserving the youthfulness of the skin. With these, you will get better skin.

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