A complete guide to an all-natural steam facial A complete guide to an all-natural steam facial

A complete guide to an all-natural steam facial

Your skin will be thankful after a good steam facial treatment. And you can do it at home with this all-natural guide.

What is steam facial?

Steam opens up your pores and it helps increase circulation. This way, you can expect any product you use afterward to penetrate deeper into your skin, improving the way it looks. Steaming your face is a natural and gentle alternative to exfoliating, ideal for acne-prone skin and stubborn blackheads.

A steam can deeply purify your skin

Are there any risks?

Although steaming is a gentle and natural practice, it is always recommended to check with your dermatologist first. As with any hot liquid, if it is too hot or if you get too close, you can get steam burns, so you need to be careful when you practice this at home.

If you have psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, or any other inflammatory skin condition, you should avoid steaming, as hot temperatures will cause blood vessels to dilate.

How to prepare an all-natural steam facial

You can steam your face by boiling water and covering your face with a towel as if creating a tent. But if you want to have better results, there are several things you can add to your water. An easy version of a steam facial is by adding fresh or dried herbs to the boiling water, once you remove it from the heat. Chose herbs according to your skin type. 

For a soothing treatment, you could add some dried lavender, dried rose petals, dried chamomile, and dried calendula. For a hydrating version, add dried chamomile, dried rose petals, and lemon peel. If you have sensitive skin, you can add dried willow bark, dried calendula, and dried peppermint. For oily skin, try adding dried rosemary, dried sage, and peppermint.

Once you’ve gathered all your ingredients and your water is ready, lean over the basin, keeping your face about 12 inches from the water, and cover your head with a towel, like if you were making a tent. Sit like this for about five to ten minutes to clear your pores.

Once finished, pat your face dry using a clean towel and proceed with your moisturizing routine.

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