7 Makeup trends in 2021 7 Makeup trends in 2021

7 Makeup trends in 2021: All you need to know to glow this new year!

Although makeup might have been the last thing on our 2020 agenda, there are now many reasons to feel excited about our beauty stash in 2020

If you are the type of person who enjoys wearing makeup no matter the circumstances –like myself–, these are some makeup trends you should definitely check out. Whether you’d like to look glamorous for your zoom meeting or you have the chance to go out for a drink with friends, here are 7 tips for your 2020 beauty routine!

1. Smokey eyes

Eyes will be having a moment, of course, because we want to rock our makeup despite the face masks –yes, let’s face it, they are not going anywhere–. Deep grey or navy shadows will be the star of our eyes this 2021, but you can spice it up a little bit with some glittery or glossy texture.

Smokey eyes and some texture will be a trend this 2021.

2. Good old red lipstick

Red matte lipstick is universal and it is so versatile that you can apply it any time of the day.

Red matte lipstick is universal.

3. Healthy glow finish

A healthy glow is the key in 2021, so you won’t be wasting all that highlighter you’ve stashed the last few years.

A healthy glow is the key in 2021.

4. Acceptable in the ’80s… and the ’20s as well!

Simmer and drama are back! Thank God! Who doesn’t love those bold colors and contour in pink! You can play with pinks, yellows, oranges, purples and texture too: mattes, shimmers and glosses will be all trendy.


5. Dewy skin

Dewy, natural skin is a must this year. Try products that have a gel-cream formula with a soft and diffused finish. Be prepared to shine on!

Photo: ImaxTree.

6. Under-eye shimmer

Let’s reverse our glitter application: glitter should no longer be in our upper lids, this year we will be digging glitter under our eyes.

Source: Instagram/pauliendupont

7. Cat-eye look

Cat-eye is already a classic for most of us (if you find it hard to apply it here are some tips), but this year there is a little twist: you can experiment with all the colors of the rainbow! Bonus: leave your eyebrows untamed because it'll be super trendy!

Source: Instagram/makeupbyemilydimant

Now that you know what trendy is this year, will you be following our advice?

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