5 Techniques to draw natural-looking freckles 5 Techniques to draw natural-looking freckles

5 Techniques to draw natural-looking freckles

Freckles have become more popular and trendy over the past few years and if you don’t have freckles, you needn’t go tattoo them. The best thing about makeup is that it allows you to play different characters every day, and faking freckles could be another way of having fun with makeup.

If you don’t have natural freckles and you really like them, the good news is that you can totally fake them! You can use henna, freckle pens or other techniques as well. Here are 5 ways to experiment with some natural-looking freckles.

1. Freckle pens

Freckle pens

Yes, there are faux freckles pens and they are great to experiment with. They come in different tones to match your skin and it is as easy as dipping the brush in the product to apply it onto your face.

2. Use your brow pencil

Use a brow liner

Brow pencils are great because they are quite natural-looking and they blend perfectly with your hair and skin tone. Do not go for freckles that are too different from your skin and hair as they will look, well, fake. Waterproof pencils with fine tips are great because they allow you to create small dots and different sizes to see what works the best for you.

3. Waterproof liners

If you don’t use a brow pencil, but you happen to have a waterproof liner, you can use brown eyeliner to create faux freckles. Remember that waterproof formulas are a bit harder to remove if they’ve set into the skin, so make sure you don’t smudge your freckles. But don’t worry, practice makes perfect.

4. Consider using a stencil

Consider a stencil

If you are not really sure of how to create them “freestyle,” you can try using a stencil as a guide, there are several stencils available in the market for a natural look. Just press the stencil onto your skin and use makeup to fill in the gaps, they a bit of setting spray and voila!

5. Henna for the daring

If you are all in for the freckles, henna could be a great option. It’s been used for centuries to create tattoos and to color your hair, and it is a great option for your skin too! The best: it lasts for longer and it’ll wash away quite naturally.

Get your makeup kit and start having fun with faux freckles!


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