5 Excellent times to use a face mask 5 Excellent times to use a face mask

5 Excellent times to use a face mask

Finding the right time to use a face mask could be a challenge to fit in our already tight schedules. So, these are 5 excellent times to use a face mask according to experts. 

5 Excellent times to use a face mask 

I love my “me time” and I absolutely hate it when I don't seem to fit skincare into my routine because skincare is synonymous of self care for me. These are not only the most convenient times to wear a face mask, but also the ones that allow you to profit from all the good ingredients.

5 Excellent times to use a face mask

1 Before (or after) a night out 

I love taking 15 minutes to apply a face mask before going out, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and glowy, and my makeup applies flawlessly. And I also love waking up and using another mask after having a shower to refresh my complexion.

2 While watching a film

If you know you are going to binge-watch your favorite series or you are longing for a Saturday movie night, it is an excellent idea to use that time to paint your nails or use a facemask as well. 

3 When you meditate

If you are into meditation, those precious minutes you can use to apply a sheet mask or eyepatches to plump your skin up. 

4 As you are having a bath

Have an oatmeal bath and make use of that time to apply your favorite face mask. You can relax and make your skin glow at the same time. 

5 After sunbathing

Even if you have applied SPF (and this is a must, not a choice), your skin will be a little bit irritated and dehydrated after having been exposed to UV rays. It is a good idea to apply a soothing face mask to deeply moisturize your complexion. 

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