Easy ways of prepping your feet for summer Easy ways of prepping your feet for summer

5 Easy ways of prepping your feet for summer

Ok, the sandal season is getting closer and it’s high time you started taking care of your feet. This is what professionals have to say about it.

When the sandal season arrives, we all want silky smooth feet. Here are some tips to prep your feet and rock your footwear.

1. Use a file

File the hard skin.

Instead of going for a scrub, choose a foot file. Foot files are great to get rid of dry skin and calluses, once you’ve removed the hard skin, you can continue with a foot scrub and apply some lotion.

2. Get the right products

Buy products that are meant to be used on your feet. The skin on your feet is actually 12 times thicker than in the rest of your body. You can use a dry foot oil, a foot lotion and antibacterial oils like oregano and Manuka tree oils to soothe the dry areas.


Adding some color to your feet will make them look more groomed –if you are planning on sunbathing, do not forget the sunscreen. I personally prefer using a self-tanning lotion, it is safe, practical and if you use it every week it looks quite natural!

3. Exfoliating socks

Foot peels are great for a minimal-effort solution and at-home maintenance. They break down dead skin gradually and in seven days the foot surface peels and sheds away.

4. Moisturize and put on socks

Sleep with socks!

Try sleeping with a pair of cotton socks after applying your moisturizer –this will make it easier for the product to penetrate deep into your skin.

5. Toenails

Once your skin is smooth, you need to tackle your toenails issue. Using a file to tidy them up, cut them down with a nail clipper if necessary before using a coarse file to shape them. Create a rounded edge for a neat style –be careful not to cut them too short to prevent ingrown nails. If you don’t want to draw attention to your toes, use a nude or neutral nail color, for lighter skin tones grey pastels are a good option.

 If your nails look yellow –it could be dehydration, fake tan, nail polish or even fungal infection. If you’ve got a fungal issue, make sure to consult specials, you’ll notice your nail yellow and thicker and the skin usually looks flaky.

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