4 Tips to sleep if you have curly hair 4 Tips to sleep if you have curly hair

4 Tips to sleep if you have curly hair

If your hair is curly like mine, you might struggle more than one morning a week to fight off the bad hair day. Well, it needn't be like that anymore, here are 4 tips to sleep if you have curly hair-

We've all been there, you get up to find that there is no bun or ponytail that can fix the mess in your hair, if you are lucky, you've got enough time to wash it all over again and make the situation better. If you don't have time, let's pray you've got some gel to tame your mane. Well, if you are fond of the curly girl method, these tips are an absolute must from now on. 

4 Tips to sleep if you have curly hair

 4 Tips to sleep if you have curly hair

Tip 1: Keep your hair moisturized overnight

The best thing you can do for your curls is for them to stay hydrated. So It is a good idea to apply jojoba oil or coconut oil and leave it overnight if you are planning on washing it the following day.

Tip 2: Use a silk pillowcase

Some fibers even natural ones such as cotton can dry out your hair, which would be even worse if you use synthetic fibers, which will also contribute to hair static and we don't need that. That is why I recommend investing in a silk pillowcase, it makes sleeping a luxurious experience and it slides through your curls, keeping them hydrated and without friction. 

Tip 3: Use a nightcap

If you prefer, you can sleep with a nightcap made out of silk to protect your hair, it will serve the same function as the pillowcase. I personally prefer using a plopping cap, but at night I feel more comfortable if my hair is free, that is why the silk pillowcase is my favorite option. 

Tip 4: Use a silk scrunchie 

If your hair is long, you should make sure it does not touch the sheets, because we wouldn't be avoiding friction. So if you are like me, and prefer not to use a cap, use a scrunchie for a ponitail. 

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