3 Tips to get rid of strawberry legs 3 Tips to get rid of strawberry legs

3 Tips to get rid of strawberry legs

If you have ever suffered from strawberry legs, you know how annoying it could get, this is how to get rid of it.

Strawberry legs is an umbrella term that refers to the red or brown spots on your legs after you've shaved or waxed. In fact, it could also be the result of keratosis pilaris, a condition that causes keratin to grow on the walls of your pores and it ends up clogging them. Now, what can you do to get rid of this skin issue?

3 Tips to get rid of strawberry legs

 3 Tips to get rid of strawberry legs

Tip 1: Make sure you shave the right way

Yes, there is a right way to do it. Don't slide the razor in the opposite direction of your hair growth, this might cause ingrown hair and irritation. 

Tip 2: Give your legs proper care

To unclog your pores, it is a good idea to shed dead skin cells and excess keratin, that this why exfoliating is key. You should also moisturize your legs every day, no exception, this will make your skin more flexible and it will support the skin's barrier function.

Tip 3: A little bit of this, a little bit of that

If you are experiencing a flare of keratosis pilaris, stay away from tight clothes and the friction will only make the situation worse, and if you can, don't shave or wax to avoid further irritation, swelling, or redness. 

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