4 tips to make a hotel sustainable 4 tips to make a hotel sustainable

What exactly is a green hotel?

We know that tourism has an impact on the environment. Many people are no longer willing to travel without doing something to reduce their environmental impact.

While airplanes manage to reduce their CO2 emissions, you can start by taking small steps, like reusing your water bottle, staying away from overcrowded places and choosing green hotels!

Nobody wants to be on vacation and have a negative impact on the very place they chose for their holidays. Traveling sustainably is not easy, but totally worth it. Small things make all the difference. And  there are some things you can do if you want your sightseeing trips to have less impact on the environment. Let's talk about hotels. 

Luckily, eco-hotels are becoming more and more common. Here are some of the features that a place like this should have.

A study conducted by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and The Hotel Technology Institute (ITH), states that 90% of travelers choose a sustainable hotel and 34% are willing to pay extra to stay in establishments with green criteria. But what makes a hotel green?

1. Reducing the impact on the environment

This is done through various measures, such as integrating the hotel as much as possible with the environment where it is buil, respecting biodiversity and takong care of the harmony of the landscape, as well as reducing the waste generated, through recycling. Not exploiting the natural resources of the area in an unsustainable way (not creating a golf course in an area with little water, for example), making an ecological swimming pool, etc.

Making a pool eco-friendly has a positive impact

2. Ecological pools

Usage of recycled and organic materials: this is considered both with regards to the construction materials (as natural as possible, certified wood, etc.), but also considering the food and other aspects: organic agricultural food, biodegradable cleaning products, etc.

3. Respecting local cultures

And maximizing the economic and social benefits of the local community. Hiring local workers, providing other economic means (selling local crafts) an respecting fair pay and fair trade. 

Respecting the environment makes a hotel more sustainable

4. Reducing energy consumption as much as possible 

Through LED lighting for example, or with efficient electrical appliances and betting on renewable energies: solar panels, etc. It must comply with the principles of bioclimatic construction to make the most of natural resources.

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