Pros and cons of routine in confinement Pros and cons of routine in confinement

Pros and cons of routine in confinement

The period of confinement has forced us to change some of our habits and made others routine. Like everything else, there are good things and bad things in this situation. We go over some of them just so you know that what you feel, everyone feels

With the COVID-19 lying in wait, we have been forced overnight to confine ourselves to our homes. In this context, routine can play the role of either ally or enemy.

Routine is a word that comes from French, routine, and means the acquired habit or habit of doing things by mere practice and in a more or less automatic way.

With the Covid 19 we had to slow down our daily inertia, to make way for an unknown and unusual situation.


Pros: Routine saves energy

Pros of routine in confinement: Routine saves energy

As positive aspects of the routine, it should be noted that it allows us to reach a certain level of order and to organize our lives, as well as to gain peace of mind, sleep better and obtain greater emotional security.

On top of that, planning reduces stress and depression, gives us a familiar structure and helps us to move in our "comfort zone".

On the other hand, routine helps us to manage our time better, in a disciplined way, saving efforts.

Cons: The risk of boredom

Cons of routine in confinement:The risk of boredom

On the other hand, routine can lead to monotony, making every day seem the same, without incentives.

In the end, we risk losing the spark and getting bored. With the danger of falling into the clutches of some dangerous addictions such as alcohol, drugs, gambling or compulsive eating.

In order not to get to this point, we have to make sure that our spirits do not drop.

A question of attitude

Pros and cons of routine in confinement: A question of attitude

It is clear that we have the opportunity to take advantage of routine, especially if we apply it correctly to our schedules, hygiene and personal care.

We can also improve our self-esteem and rekindle our hope by thinking that all this will pass (which it will). We can even take advantage of circumstances to put some aspects of our lives in order, maintain contact with our loved ones, keep up intense physical activity and do activities together.

The American athlete Jim Ryun said that "motivation helps us get started and the habit continues. So let's begin to plan and practice routines that allow us to follow a daily rhythm.

However, to avoid monotony, we have to combine them with a certain amount of creativity and innovation in other aspects of our daily life.

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