7 Tips for Virtual Calling Performance 7 Tips for Virtual Calling Performance

Productivity: 7 Tips to cope with video calls

In the current context of COVID-19, thanks to technology we can be connected and work from our homes. Here are a few tips to help you cope with the excessive use of video calls.

After 2020, video calls have become an everyday reality. Sometimes it might be stressful to be on camera and to, up to some extent, invite your coworkers into your space. Here are some ideas to cope with video calls and still be productive. 

1. You can reduce the number of virtual meetings

Focus on scheduling only those that are necessary to avoid symptoms of digital fatigue.

2. Avoid gallery view mode 

Avoid gallery view mode 

When processing the display of many people at once we lose the ability to focus properly. It is better to see only the speaker.

3. Establish rest periods during the working day

Set some time aside for yourself.

You have to set aside some time to do exercises such as yoga or stretching, or even change the workplace

4. Relying on traditional offline communications

You can try writing a letter to a family member or friend, taking meeting notes in notebooks or journals, is a good idea to regain "analogical" concentration.

Tips for Virtual Calling Performance: Not all calls have to be video calls!

5. Not all calls have to be video calls!

Not all call should be video calls.

Having all eyes focused on you can be overwhelming. If you don't need to use the camera, consider turning it off to take your call.

6. Use other tools

Try writing in an agenda.

Instead of relying completely on video calls, you can try using email more often, messaging services to find a balance.

7. Act normal

During video calls, it is advisable to take some time to find out how the other person is doing, not just in terms of work, as it reconnects us with the conversations of non-virtual life and inspires greater comfort and confidence.

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