More difficult than it seems: 3 ways to say NO More difficult than it seems: 3 ways to say NO

More difficult than it seems: 3 ways to say NO

There are words that are difficult to pronounce because they are long or have many consonants and there are words that are difficult because we don't know their meanings, but why is it so hard to say NO?  

There may not be a shorter or harder word to say than NO. You are afraid to hurt feelings or you are afraid that others will not love you. There are many ways to say NO, and they all have to do with calm and serenity.

There are many ways to say NO

Here are some of the ways you can say NO. Or, if you prefer, there are three exercises to start training the pronunciation of that simple and complicated word.

Learn to say no

Be assertive.


Assertiveness is about finding the balance between aggressiveness and passivity. By being assertive you can be emphatic when you make a decision like saying no to another person. If you are assertive, you will stop accepting everything that happens to you by saying yes. To say NO is to stop being passive

Chooses to be empathetic, not nice.

Two very different concepts. Empathy is listening to the other and sympathy tends to respond to the other. And often that response tends to be yes because by wanting to be sympathetic you tend to get the approval of the other.

Accept that you can't do everything.


If you are unable to say no, there may come a point where you end up living the life others have chosen for you. What happens is that saying yes to everything causes your life to take a back seat, that is, you spend a lot of time satisfying the desires and needs of others by putting yourself in second place. It's all about setting priorities and being aware that the help you want to give is your own, freely made decision. You can be supportive and cooperative without having to say yes to everyone.

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