How to make natural home fragrances? How to make natural home fragrances?

How to make natural home fragrances and make your home smell wonderfully

If you like your home to always smell luxurious but still enjoy the aromas of nature, these recipes are ideal for you.

Many times bad smells occur at home: either because we've just finished cooking fish and chips, you've forgotten to empty your cat's litter box, or because something happened outside and made you home smell horribly. In these cases, the solution is to apply air fresheners or artificial flavors for the home.

However, these aromatics are full of chemicals, aromas and often toxic products for us and the environment and, many people are even allergic to these "odor cleaners."

That's why the best thing we can do is to prepare our own home perfumes. Ready to get to work?

How to make natural home fragrances?

Ingredients you need for making home fragances

These ingredients are very easy to find in a supermarket or in your garden. They are cheap and the best thing is that they are 100% natural.

Step by step

Orange, spice and cinnamon flavoring

For this flavoring you will need:



Put all the ingredients in a container with enough water, you can put it directly to the fire, or if you want the smell to be in several areas of your home, just add boiling water to the container with the ingredients and place it in the corner of the rooms.

While the water evaporates, the aromas will be in the air. So if you want to keep them, just change the cold water for hot, you can do this as many times as you want.

Orange, almond and ginger

For this flavouring you will need:



Place a container with water, take it to the stove and wait for it to boil. In a glass container, which supports heat, we put all our ingredients. Once the water is boiling, we will add it together with the orange, the almond extract and the ginger.

We will take the container to any part of our home and let it cool down. If we want to reactivate the smells, we just have to empty the cold water and fill the container again with hot water.

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