How Lily James changed her life during the pandemic How Lily James changed her life during the pandemic

How Lily James changed her life during the pandemic

Lily James is assuming a whole new normalcy during the Coronavirus pandemic. This year's changes around the world have caused many people to rethink their lives, their priorities and discover what really matters.

The renowned actress was used to maintaining a high pace of life, with many events, photo and film shoots. She never had time to think about herself, as many people did, and the pandemic has brought some changes into her life.

Moving away from the intensity of work projects, Lily is focusing on what she describes as "getting back to basics," reevaluating her priorities and putting her mental and physical wellness first.

She has found one activity that she enjoys: exercise...

"Without the normal structure of working life, I have to create my own schedule to stay motivated. I have found that starting my day with exercise is the key. When I exercise regularly, I immediately feel the benefits.

Lily James says it's important to find some physical activity that you enjoy doing so that it motivates you every day. Plus, you should know that physical activity in difficult times like these is very important for releasing stress and anxiety.

"I traded in my regular yoga and Pilates for daily dance classes at the training studio. From the beginning, I learned this fun dance routine and couldn't stop doing it.

The actress said that the lockdown helped her learn new cooking recipes, using fresh vegetables from her garden. The quarantine time helped many people find themselves, find hidden talents and value the basics. The actress says it changed her life.

"I'm usually so distracted by life. This is the first time in a long time that I have been able to connect with myself.

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