Early risers: The morning routine of Elon Musk Early risers: The morning routine of Elon Musk

Early risers: The morning routine of Elon Musk

The best thing you can do to imagine Elon Musk's daily routine is to think of a robot that moves tirelessly for about 15 hours a day. If you want to be as productive as he is, get your heart ready.  

Who's Elon Musk?

The creator of platforms as successful as PayPal, creator of the Tesla car with few units yet but that has generated a revolution. Oh, I forgot about SpaceX, which just launched the first private manned trip to the space platform. And then we'll take Mars...

Vision of the day

After only six hours of sleep, Elon Musk gets up at 7am. The first thing he does is address critical emails for half an hour. He then drinks coffee. He doesn't eat breakfast. After waking up, most mortals think about breakfast. Not Musk.  He just skips it. On occasion, however, he may have  an omelette. He then sends his kids off to school.

Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise

A day is a lemon to be squeezed for Musk. A waterfall of commitments and meetings await him and he may organise his genda based on five-minute periods. In a week it adds up to between 85 and 100 hours of work.

Tuesday to Thursday Tesla

Tesla, the electric car company he founded, takes up most of his hours. He spends Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, at least 42 hours a week.

Monday and Friday, Space X

On Mondays and Fridays they are taken away by SpaceX, their space travel company that wants to conquer the Moon and Mars.

With a schedule on the edge, he doesn't waste time answering calls and uses a secret email to avoid being contacted. He eats in the middle of meetings, in no more than five minutes. The dinners are more copious, and even in the company dinners he admits to eat too much.

Elon Musk is the king of focus

Benefits of his routine that you can remember

Undoubtedly, squeezing the maximum hours of the day, is the technique of Musk to be in every battle. His concentration on the job is 99.9%, which is the best part of this routine. He doesn;t waste time on things that don;t make something better. 

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