Declutter: what to do with things you no longer need. Declutter: what to do with things you no longer need.

Declutter: what to do with things you no longer need.

If you want to renovate your place you have many options to start. Before starting expensive renovations you can opt for small details that will definitely change your home  

If you are thinking of redecorating your house, it might be a good idea to start by getting rid of the many objects you have accumulated and that you no longer use or find beautiful. 

Each one of them may have a meaning. And all of them together give a tone to your home. If you want your environment to change, start with the objects that decorate your space.

But remember that you are responsible for the fate of these things and how they will affect the environment depends on your decisions. 

We give you some ips andtricks so that you can organize those things that you no longer want:


Consider if something you separated can be recycled and renewed in some way to reuse it in your new design. Old hangers, a door, a broken chair. You can make your own clinic for furniture and objects and turn them into something else. Old jam jars can be used to make candles or store something, al old ladder can become a minimalist bookcase or towel rack. Be creative

An old ladder can be re-purposed

Give away 

What you can't reuse, give it away, or sell it to someone who can still use it. There are plenty of neighbourhood networks, charity shops and useful apps that will help you pass things on to new owners. 

Get rid of it

 Before throwing something away, check if it is suitable for recycling; in that case take it to a recycling point in your city. If there is inevitably something left that does not apply to any of the above options, throw it away responsibly, so that the waste collection service in the place where you live can move it without inconvenience.

Repurpose things before throwing them away

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