Can Yoga help you release anger? This one type might! Can Yoga help you release anger? This one type might!

Can Yoga help you release anger? This one type might!

First-time attendees to a Yoga Rage session may think they have mistaken the room. Instead of that peaceful and calm atmosphere so characteristic of Yoga, in a Rage session, you will find heavy metal music, insults, shouts, and many colorful mats.

No, it is not a drama lesson! It is a Rage Yoga class. This new type of yoga was invented by a Canadian woman and in this yoga, the only thing that remains of the "yogi philosophy" are the postures and poses.

We have known aerial yoga, tantric or Bikram yoga, and even kilt yoga, but this new version breaks many of its precepts.

In a Yoga Rage class the intention is to release the accumulated aggressiveness

This yoga is intended for people who practice 'fitness' and want to try the benefits of yoga but have never managed to fit in with the rhythm of the classic classes.

Can Yoga Help Release Anger? The Answer: Rage Yoga

Beyond developing flexibility and strength, these classes are perfect for those who need to let go of accumulated aggression and anger.

You should expect rude language, laughter, and mischief. If this offends you, Rage Yoga is not for you.

Shouting, flexibility and heavy metal

Shouting, cursing, and drawing out anger while practicing different yoga postures to the rhythm of groups like Metallica or Black Sabbath is the essence of these classes. Nothing conventional. In fact, the place where it is practiced in Canada is in the basement of a PUB so after the session, you are assured a few pints of lager.

yoga rage: shouting, flexibility and heavy metal

The pros and cons of anger

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