California poppy extract explained California poppy extract explained

California Poppy extract: How does it impact your mood?

If you are looking for natural ways to unwind, California poppy extract may be the answer for you. Although it is not new to the market, it has currently gained popularity because of its mood-boosting properties.

California poppy extract used to be sold predominantly as a liquid extract, it has now started to be included in capsules, teas, juice shots and powder forms as well. But what is it?

California poppy extract explained

If you are looking for natural ways to unwind, California poppy extract may be the answer for you.

Although it is often confused with the opium poppy plant, the California variety is only a distant cousin and opioid-free, I would never recommend a cup of an addictive drug. California poppy has been used historically by tribal nations in California as food and medicine –indigenous peoples used it for toothaches, headaches, to kill lice and as a sedative for babies.

4 Benefits of California poppy extract

1. It is a natural anxiolytic

It is a mood-booster.

Many people suffering from anxiety are moving towards finding a natural solution to a condition that affects around 20% of Americans. It has been proven that taking a California poppy extract can reduce and help calm anxiety and it is perfectly safe to take.

2. It has analgesic effects

California poppy extract was used by native cultures for its analgesic effect to soothe toothaches, headaches, and it has shown to be a viable alternative to chemical analgesics.

3. It promotes sleep

It promotes sleep

California poppy extract promotes sleep as it interacts with GABA receptors –an important neurotransmitter that slows down our nervous systems and calms our brains and bodies. It is especially helpful for people who suffer from insomnia due to chronic pain. One of its advantages is that it has no antihistaminic effects which are commonly associated with other drugs.

4. It helps if you suffer from depression

Its chemicals boost serotonin levels –a hormone that stabilizes our mood and happiness. This is of particular help when dealing with depression.

What you should know before taking California poppy extract

Because of its effects, you should be particularly cautious if you already take any antidepressant, anxiolytics or sleep medications and you should definitely avoid taking the extract. And if you have any questions, always consult an expert.

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