The definitive guide clean your house in covid19 The definitive guide clean your house in covid19

A definitive guide to cleaning your house during COVID

Hygiene has become the key to fighting COVID 19. Without getting into obsessive-compulsive disorders, we want to tell you the most important things to keep your home free of corona (or any other) virus

1. Hand washing

Handwashing is really a necessary measure. Throughout the day, imperceptible amounts of bacteria and viruses are concentrated on our hands, so thorough cleaning is essential to avoid contagion.

To get a manual cleaning, you have to:

2. Clean your daily objects

It is very important that you clean and disinfect objects that you touch every day, such as keys, doorknobs, switches, TV controls, smartphones or keyboards.

Don't forget all those surfaces on which you spend many hours, such as tables, countertops, bedside tables, floors, etc.

Disinfect your keyboard

3. Disinfect your computer keyboard

Since you may well be working from home, it is essential that you focus specifically on cleaning your computer keyboard.

First of all we suggest you turn it off to avoid short circuits. Then, get a microfiber cloth or cotton swab and add a little 70% (or 90º) isopropyl alcohol mixed with water to bring it down.

4. Kitchen and bathrooms thoroughly

The definitive guide clean your house in covid19

One of the sources of infection in the house is the kitchen and bathrooms, so we recommend that you do a thorough cleaning in both spaces.

Arm yourself with bleach to disinfect - or get special products for cleaning the bathroom - and thoroughly clean taps, washbasins, toilets, radiators.

Remember to also clean the inside of drawers and fridge to remove any possible residue: vacuum the inside of the cupboards and spray the inside with a disinfectant spray.


5. Do not touch common surfaces

Even if you can't leave the house very often, it is inevitable that you will go out to buy food from time to time, so we recommend that you take the necessary protective measures.  Prevention is always better than cure, right?

On your trip to the supermarket, remember to avoid touching surfaces that may have been touched by other people and that may be full of germs: elevator buttons, stair rails, door knobs or the handle of shopping carts.

If it is unavoidable to do any of these actions (we don't want you to go up 7 floors carrying your two-week's worth of shopping), always do so by wearing protective gloves or washing your hands thoroughly after touching them.

Remove your shoes before entering the house

6. Change your shoes before entering the house

Wear shoes only for your trips outside, and once you are back to the safety of your home, leave your shoes at the entrance so that they do not spread the virus around the house.

Clean the sole well with a little disinfectant, as well as the flaps and laces, which are usually touched quite a bit when you put them on. If you have a pair of street shoes, you must also have one from home, one that you are only going to use to be INdoors and that does not have contact with the outside.

7. Wash your outdoor clothes

Just as we take off our shoes when we come in, it would also be a good idea to wash all the clothes that have come into contact with the outside.

If you don't want to be putting in washing machines all day long, you can leave a basket to collectall the clothes you have worn outside, and put in a washing machine when you have accumulated enough. We have to keep thinking about the environment and not put in empty washing machines with 2 T-shirts!

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