Key changes: What will the fashion look like after COVID-19? Key changes: What will the fashion look like after COVID-19?

Key changes: What will the fashion look like after COVID-19?

The pandemic has put the fashion industry in checkmate. Brands are preparing to radically change the way they make clothes, design them or sell them. Here are some tips to help you know what to expect in the coming months in an industry you care about

Whether we wear masks and gloves or not, life is not going to be the same. Neither will fashion trends. And the way we relate to fashion, either.

Undoubtedly, fashion experts are looking at China to extract data and behavior after the crisis of COVID, watching closely how the consumer behaves, where he invests and new formulas for consumption.

We tell you 5 changes that will take place in the fashion world

5 keys to know how the fashion will be after the coronavirus?

1. Fashion during the times of the coronavirus


Many brands choose to strengthen their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, connect with the consumer as well as empathize with the situation he or she is experiencing, and foster a sense of community. These are some of the objectives that the  directors of Fashion Marketing are putting into practice. Some make collections "for now and whenever" like Women Secret; others, like Zara, the "Stay at Home" line. Some make designer masks.

2.       Virtual fitting rooms

Virtual testers, online showrooms, ephemeral stores will be the best allies for designers who will release their products with a more 'minimal' concept, fulfilling the objective that the user sees, looks, tests and buys in digital format. A mix of traditional trade + online trade.

Digital tools will help designers to create collections that will end up directly in showrooms (physical or virtual) without the need to go through mass production or the obligation to have created prototypes to present.

Fashion designed for a 'ready to go' that adapts to this post-coronavirus emergency situation we are experiencing and that allows designers to get their products out without brakes, with a much more agile presentation of collections.


3.       The fashion store: an old friend going digital

5 keys to know how the fashion will be after the coronavirus?

Talking about the economic crisis for physical stores is redundant, since the pandemic has punished every store on the street. According to the latest digitization report by the GoDaddy server only half of the companies have a website.

You'd be surprised how many fashion businesses have no digital presence, or if they do, it's completely abandoned.

Now we find ourselves with a situation of forced digitalization for the physical fashion stores in which their online presence will prevail to sell their summer collections 2020.

While many shops are already selling their products online, others are complaining about the crisis, added to the complications at the time of opening. Digitization is not an option, and not having it means giving up taking advantage of the opportunities that the Internet brings you.

4. How much will the clothes cost from now on?

Many physical stores will have to invest in material or technology to comply with the necessary hygiene measures after the COVID-19 crisis. Ozone machines, continuous cleaning in the store, extra staff, use of gloves and masks that will probably have to be provided at the entrance to the store...These costs may impact prices as well as the transport costs, perhaps more expensive. Be prepared to pay more!

Cleaning measures will increase once stores open

5. What sanitary measures will we have in fashion stores?

Physical store will have to up the cleaning game once they open. Some of the measures may be:

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