Yoga: a practice suitable for everyone. From Kilted Yoga to Yoga with goats, discover the most exotic styles Yoga: a practice suitable for everyone. From Kilted Yoga to Yoga with goats, discover the most exotic styles

Yoga for everyone. From Kilted Yoga to Yoga with goats, discover the most exotic styles

Yoga's been around for over 5,000 years and one thing is for sure, it has the ability to reinvent itself throughout the years.

From Yoga for children to Chair-Yoga for the elderly, its benefits have no age limit. Neither does human creativity to explore yoga's full potential keeping this practice new, fresh, and fun!

Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or new to the practice, these Yoga styles may bring a new perspective into your life beyond just working out.

1. 1. Rage Yoga: Yoga for anger release

Rage Yoga: Yoga for anger release

If you like heavy metal music, beer and you feel emotions have piled up and anger is the only word to come to mind, Rage Yoga is for you. 

These classes are perfect for those who need to let go of accumulated aggressiveness.

Instead of that peaceful quiet and calm atmosphere so characteristic of Yoga, in a Rage session, you will find heavy metal music, insults, shouts, and many colorful mats. The only thing that remains of the "yogi philosophy" are the postures and poses.

Although Yoga is an activity to slow down in the face of the stimuli to which we are exposed, strong music helps us release strong or repressed emotional states.  

Sure it is not relaxing but hell yeah, it's definitely a cathartic experience.

2. 2. Aerial Yoga: Take Pilates to the next level

Aerial Yoga: Take Pilates to the next level

If you like Pilates, Yoga, and dance, this practice is for you. Aerial yoga is a hybrid type of yoga combining traditional yoga poses, Pilates, and dance with the use of a hammock. You don't need to be an acrobat to practice this workout.

The hammock supports your full body weight so, you can stretch your body into deeper positions. And it's more like a workout because a lot of strength to the muscle is involved to stay balanced. 

Hanging freely 4 feet above ground sounds pretty fun to me!

3. 3. Laughter Yoga: Happiness at your fingertips

Laughter Yoga: Happiness at your fingertips

This program combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques.

Laughter releases endorphins which are natural pain killers and unwinds the negative effects of stress and strengthens your immune system.

Design for anyone who wants to add laughter and joy to their lives!

4. 4. Kilted Yoga: kilts, nature and yoga - a perfect combination!

Kilted Yoga

No, you don't have to be Scottish or drink whiskey to practice this yoga with the kilt. This Yoga style is a mere matter of clothing. But what a style! 

Strength, power, and nature connection, while meditating quietly in the midst of nature. Freedom in the body, comfort in the wardrobe and, astounding yoga poses, and most importantly, a scenic touch in the breathtaking British landscape that adds relaxation to the whole scene.

You have to love it. And it is not only for men.

5. 5. Yoga with goats: animals, nature and yoga

Yoga with goats at Seattle North Country

We heard of Yoga with pets but Yoga with goats? Follow me on this one... imagine yourself loosing up your spine through your regular cat & cow pose on the grass in a farm surround it by animals, sun and breeze on your face; connecting with nature and then.. a goat climbing on top of you. Just satisfyingly fun and odd.

This practice combines 2 benefits: the benefits of Yoga itself plus the benefits of interacting with animals to feel better, reduce loneliness, and release serotonin that generates the feeling of happiness.

But why goats? They are not as intimidating and big as horses. And dogs, depending on the connection, can be shy or overly invasive. Goats simply just want to be petted. They have that calm feeling, and they seem to be in a permanent state of meditation.

Striking a yoga pose keeping count of the breathing staying present and focused while a goat climbs on top of you sounds pretty daring to me. And fun. Count me in!

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