Lockdown culture: 5 museums you can visit during the pandemic Lockdown culture: 5 museums you can visit during the pandemic

Lockdown culture: 5 museums you can visit during the pandemic

During the crisis of Covid 19 the museums have been one of the most punished spaces. To avoid contagion, most of the large art spaces closed their doors, although some are close to opening them.

In the meantime you can visit them in excellent virtual tours. Here are some of them.

1. Prado Museum

Del Prado Museum offers virtual tours

You can visit the Prado Museum in Madrid by visiting its official website and also through its Instagram account. It has very good visualizations, with great detail and in 360°.

Del Prado Museum

2. Louvre Museum

Visit Louvre from your sofa

If you've always wanted to visit the Louvre Museum and never have, now's your chance. Make yourself comfortable, prepare yourself a tea with...better a café au lait with croissant, and enjoy one of the most emblematic museums in the world where you can admire the Mona Lisa, the Venus of Samothrace and the most incredible Egyptian antiques.


3. British Museum

See the Rosetta Stone from the comfort of your home

Another museum gem you can't miss. It has a spectacular website and you can make very interesting visits. Make yourself very, very comfortable because it is a very long journey. But how can you miss the Rosetta Stone, the origin of our alphabet?

British Museum

4. Metropolitan Museum

The Met can be visited virtually

Like the British Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of New York has full virtual access. This ranges from a 360º view of its facilities, to the possibility of seeing the galleries and exhibitions up close. In addition, its official website also offers complete information about the works it houses.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

5. Hermitage

Hermitage is at your fingertips

I'm sure, of all the museums we've seen, this is the one that's furthest away from you. Who knows when you'll go to St. Petersburg? But it doesn't matter because you can take a wonderful virtual tour of one of the best museums in the world. Like the two previous museums, the Hermitage museum in Russia has content from its exhibits and interactive tours. All through its official website.

State Hermitage Museum

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