8 Incredible benefits of walking: why you should start walking asap 8 Incredible benefits of walking: why you should start walking asap

8 Incredible benefits of walking: why you should start walking asap

The ability to stand on 2 feet and walk upright provides us with incredible opportunities and frees us from countless boundaries. And yet, many of us choose to sit down, drive our cars, or jump on a bus; without even thinking of walking as an option.

Walking is an essential activity for which we are designed. It is one of the best exercises out there. And it's completely free. 

We have selected 8 benefits that walking can bring to your life. 

1. 1. Relaxation

Walking can take your mind off your frustrations

For many people, relaxing means becoming a couch potato. Like lying on a sofa with a bag of snacks and a sitcom on the background. And every once in a while, it may be exactly what you need. But definitely not every day. 

Try relaxing by going for a walk. It will eliminate any stress and negative thoughts, and take your mind off your frustrations. Choose a green space and you'll be boosting your mood as well, as spending time in nature has scientifically proven benefits for our mental health. 

2. 2. Makes you feel younger

Walking makes you feel younger

Many scientists highlight the benefits of walking for the heart and brain. Some even say it can add 3 to 7 years of life. It's a great antidepressant, improves cognitive function, and can delay the possible onset of dementia.

3. 3. Reduces hormonal stress

Walking reduces hormonal stress

Unlike running and strength training, studies show that walking keeps cortisol (the stress hormone) levels low. A stressful job or life combined with strenuous training may be the reason that the scale does not respond.

4. 4. Can make you happier

Walking can make you happier

The more steps you take throughout the day, the better your mood is. Walking releases endorphins (just like other forms of exercise) and leaves you with feeling happier, according to recent studies. 

5. 5. Burn Calories

Walking burns calories

Each hour of walking burns anywhere between 200 to 400 calories depending on weight and fitness. Not bad for starters!

6. 6. Ease symptoms of menopause

Walking can ase symptoms of menopause

Studies have shown that women going through menopause can alleviate their symptoms by taking a quick, brisk walk for at least 30 minutes.

7. 7. Walking is multitasking

Walking is multitasking

You can take the opportunity to call someone you haven't talked to in a while, listen to a podcast or your favorite music, and get some much-needed vitamin D while you're out and about.

8. 8. It's better if there is some effort

Climbing up the stairs will activate your heart

If you find an uphill road, don't avoid it. Moderate slopes, or climbing up the stairs are good exercises in moderation. Walking and climbing can give you incredible benefits and activate glutes and hamstrings. 

9. 9. Bonus tip: An interesting read

 Born to Walk book by James Earls

If you would like to know more about walking, and how our body and history are affected by it; check our James Earls' recent book Born to Walk.

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