7 fun facts about veganism 7 fun facts about veganism

7 Fun facts you didn't know about veganism

Interesting facts about veganism that you didn’t know

For those who are not clear about the concept, veganism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of all animal products and is associated with lifestyle that rejects all forms of animal exploitation.

Whether you are just curious about this lifestyle, new to it or a seasoned vegan, here are 7 fun facts about it.

1. 1. Historical figures

Pythagoras one of the first strict vegetarians

It is thought that the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (570-490 BC)  was one of the first strict vegetarians. In addition, Plato, Da Vinci, Tolstoy and Voltaire are among other famous historical figures who were also vegetarians.

It is interesting to know that the term “vegan” hadn’t been coined yet during that period of history. Vegetarian was used to refer to people who abstained from all animal products.

2. 2. The Begining

The Begining of Veganism

The term vegan was used for the first time in 1944, by Donald Watson, who saw the need to differentiate those who do eat eggs and dairy from those who do not consume anything of animal origin.

He is the founder of the Vegan Society.

3. 3. First Book

First vegan recipe book

The first vegan recipe book was published by Fay K. Henderson in 1946!

4. 4. World Veganism Day

World Veganism Day

On November 1, 1994 the Vegan Society of England, founded by Watson, turned 50 and it was in that year and on that date that World Veganism Day was declared.

5. 5. Vegetable Milk

Oat vegetable milk

Arthur Ling was one of the pioneers of veganism and the creator of Plamil Foods, the first vegetable milk factory.

Ling refused to consume meat and eggs in 1926, when he was only seven years old.

6. 6. Veganuary

Veganuary campaign

Veganuary is a campaign that proposes eating vegan for the month of January each year.  3000 people signed up in 2014, when Veganuary was first launched. In 2020, an astounding 400 000 people officially signed up. Veganism is clearly on the rise!

7. 7. Celebrities

Some celebrities who have declared themselves vegan are Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Alicia Silverston, Sia, Ellen Degeneres, Liam Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Steve Wonder, James Cameron and Jared Leto to name a few.

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