6 Hair masks and hair treatments for shinier hair 6 Hair masks and hair treatments for shinier hair

6 Homemade masks to keep your hair shiny

If your hair looks frizzy and feels dry, don't worry: here are 6 simple ways of fixing it.

Take matters into your own hands and prepare these 6 efficient remedies with ingredients you'll find in your house. Your hair will end up looking healthier and shinier than ever in just a few weeks!

The causes of dry and dull hair are often external to the body. One of these, for example, is the winter weather, with its coldness and dryness, Lucky for you, this doesn't mean that you need to suffer from the dry, flaky scalp for months. Instead, try these homemade remedies on your hair and witness the difference!

1. 1. Gelatin hair mask

A gelatin hair mask will smoothen your hair while providing it with protection against dryness

For this mask, you'll need few ingredients: apple cider vinegar, clary sage, one cup of warm water, some drops of your favorite essential oils, and of course 1 tablespoon of gelatin. Apply the mask on your hair and after no less than 15 minutes you'll notice its effects! The nutrients will penetrate your scalp and will treat its dryness. Rinse this gelatin hair mask with water.

Results: Smooth and silky hair, shielded against flakiness

2. 2. Hot oil hair massage

Heat some oil, let it rest, and apply it to your hair to nourish it naturally and easily.

This is probably one of the most ancient homemade remedies for dry hair. The only element you'll need is oil, which you'll have to heat and leave to rest for a few minutes. Then, massage it into your scalp with your fingers, using circular movements. Simultaneously, warm up a towel, which you'll then use to wrap around your head. The oil in this massage will go directly into the hair fibers, acting as a deep-conditioner.

Rosemary oil has great benefits for your hair and scalp. Its healing and circulation-boosting properties will help strengthen your hair and help it grow shinier and healthier. This is certainly one ingredient you shouldn’t miss out on when creating the perfect hair care routine! Read this article to find more about the properties of rosemary oil, together with a recipe to do it yourself!

Results: Moisturized scalp, nourished and soft hair.

3. 3. Avocado paste hair mask

Did you know that avocado has great benefits for your hair? Make the most of them with this avocado paste hair mask!

If you're looking for natural hair masks you can do at home, this is one of the bests. With just one avocado and egg, you can create a great and effective treatment that'll give your hair its shine back. Simply make a paste with the deseeded avocado and mix it with the egg. Afterward, the only steps left are applying it to your scalp with gentle massages and let the minerals, vitamins A and E, and saturated fats work their wonders.

Results: Thick and shiny hair.

4. 4. Banana hair mask

This banana hair mask will help transfer the potassium in this fruit to your hair, which will have great consequences on your hair fibers.

Among the many health benefits of bananas, there are positive effects on your hair fibers when applied as a hair mask. With the help of olive oil and one mashed banana, you can get the perfect homemade hair mask to treat split ends and soften your hair, thanks to the banana's potassium compounds. Apply the mask on your scalp and let it rest for an hour before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Results: Soft and elasticized hair, protected from split ends and dryness.

5. 5. Castor and almond oil hair treatment

Try this hair care treatment with castor and almond oils -you won’t regret it!

If the root cause of your dry and frizzy hair is the weakness of your hair fibers, this treatment is the perfect homemade solution. The omega-9 in the castor oil and the vitamin E, flavonoids, and amino acids in this mask will help you combat this problem. To apply on your scalp, try a gentle massage of both castor and almond oil. You can also include dry hibiscus flowers.

Results: Strong hair, safe from frizz.

6. 6. Egg hair mask

For a natural homemade remedy to include in your hair care routine, choose this egg hair mask.

This last hair mask can also do wonders on your hair. Mix two egg whites, one tablespoon of honey, the juice of one lime, and 2 tablespoons of curd to prepare this mask. You may add only one egg white if you don't have much hair volume. By applying this mask for 20 minutes on your scalp two times a week you'll allow the vitamin C, proteins, and further components to act on your hair with beneficial results. To rinse off the mask, choose a mild sulfate-free shampoo.

Results: Moisturized and shiny hair.

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