5 ways to use rose water to boost your skincare 5 ways to use rose water to boost your skincare

5 ways to use rose water to boost your skincare

Some know rose water as an ingredient for cooking, especially for pastries. But a simple walk, even if it is virtual, through the Turkish city of Isparta will give you an idea of the great number of uses of the most famous flower in the world.

If you think that roses are just for decoration or as a good gift, you are mistaken. From roses, you can get water, jam, cream, and essential oils.

Rose oil, for example, is a very powerful essential oil. And the price reflects it. To get 1 kilo of rose oil you need 4 tons of rose. The price of a kilo of rose oil is about 7,000 euros.

Anatolian rose - City of Isparta, Turkey // photo: theguideistanbul.com

1. 1. Refreshes the face

Rosewater refreshes and hydrates the skin

Rosewater makes the skin look more hydrated and luminous. Take a small bottle with you and use it when you feel the need to refresh your face.

Don't think that we only need it in the summer. In the dead of winter, we sometimes feel our skin dry and dull, heating affects us, and rose water is a great ally that will freshen up your face. 

It's particularly good for those who live in countries with hard water. 

2. 2. To set makeup

Rosewater can be used as a makeup fixer

You can use it as a make-up setting spray after you finish your routine in the morning. It is almost always sold in a spray bottle and is the best way to apply it. If you want a stronger hold, add one part glycerin to three parts water.

3. 3. Help with puffy eyes

Rosewater can help with bags

If you tend to wake up with puffy eyes and want to soften them up before going out, you can moisten two pieces of cotton and place them over your eyes for about 10 minutes. The under-eye area will soften, relax and de-puff. ,

4. 4. Face toner

Rosewater can help with acne

Face toner is essential in facial care and I think it's good to have a specific product.

But if you are more natural or you run out of yours and need to replace it, rose water can help. Rosewater will help you fight any redness and acne you may have. It will prep the skin for the next step: moisturizer.

5. 5. Relaxing

Add rose water to your bath

Add rose water to a bath to calm and relax. You can also soak a cloth and put it on your temples if you have a headache.

Did you know that rose oil for baths makes you feel calmer and more relaxed?

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