5 Ways I found to reduce my sodium intake 5 Ways I found to reduce my sodium intake

5 Ways I found to reduce my sodium intake

Facing life without salt can be challenging at first, but don't fret, there are plenty of ways to make the transition easier.

I used to favor savory food over anything else I could eat. I loved cheese, chips, olives, dressings just about anything that was packed with sodium until I was diagnosed with a condition that required me to do away with salt.

At first, it seemed impossible, I can still remember the first salad I ate, it was plain lettuce and tomato, and it tasted so bland that it made me feel a bit sad as if all pleasure had been removed from the food. 

The next thing I did was add pepper to absolutely everything to make up for the loss of taste. Then little by little I started incorporating some practices that are now habits for me and I understood that a low-sodium diet needn't be bland. 

These are 5 Ways I found to reduce my sodium intake

1. Stay away from processed foods

You'd be surprised by the number of foods that contain sodium and you didn't even know about it. Chocolate has salt, store-bought cookies are packed with sodium, sodas, pastries, canned foods and just about anything that you can get already prepared has more sodium than you'd have imagined. Remember: If it has a lot of preservatives, it has a lot of sodium. 

What I did is to make a point of cooking my own meals. If I wanted a quiche, I'd prepare my own pastry, if I wanted to eat bread, I'd make it myself and I started going for whole foods instead. 

Frozen foods are also a good idea to replace cans, as they are unsalted and fresher.  

Stay away from processed foods

2. Dress your salad

When you are having a salad, use vinegar, olive oil, lots of veggies to make it taste better. In my experience, arugula is great to mask the lack of salt, and nuts are a good addition too, I absolutely love the crush and the nutty flavor. Consider adding a bit of pepper as well, it gives satiety and it adds to the overall taste of your greens. 

Dress your salad

3. A pinch of sugar is ok too

One of the things I discovered when I started cutting down on salt, is that if I wanted to sautee some vegetables and I added a bit of sugar and pepper, the veggies started to caramelize and I suddenly didn't miss adding any salt. 

A pinch of sugar is ok too

4. Go easy on some dressings

While it is ok to eat store-bought mayo, mustard, ketchup, or any other dressing once in a while, you cannot make a habit out of it. They are not only packed with salt, sugar, and preservatives but they are also full of sodium. 

I like to use guacamole, hummus, aquafaba mayo, or any other dip I prepare instead. 

Go easy on some dressings

5. How you cook is important too

Before I was diagnosed, I didn't eat any oils, butter or anything that I thought added calories to my meal, the only thing I used was salt. When that was no longer an option, I started using butter and olive oil to sautee or caramelize my veggies. Roasting or grilling your veggies is also a good option, it adds taste and they are very healthy. In fact, the first month I did away with salt, I lost 10 kilos, with no effort whatsoever, just eating food that I cooked.

Even if you don't have to reduce your salt intake, it is a good idea to try these tips.

How you cook is important too

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