5 Steps to create a habit if you are not a hyper-achiever 5 Steps to create a habit if you are not a hyper-achiever

5 Steps to create a habit even if think you are not a hyper-achiever

While you might think that your destiny is written in stone and that you are either born a hyper-achiever or you just can't create habits, the truth is that you can.

5 Steps to create a habit if you are not a hyper-achiever

I used to think hyper-achievers were some kind of special kind of people and that there was no way I could change my personality. 

I always thought that I didn't like doing exercise, I was never going to be the kind of girl that does any kind of sport, just because I had never done it before.

Well, I was wrong. As I started working from home I had more free time and I decided to enroll in a gym as soon as they reopened thinking I was going to pay and quit. I didn't. It's been a year and I have never skipped a class, I made friends in the gym, I enjoy going to every class and I'm happier than ever. I feel healthy, strong and I enjoy how far I've come. 

It was a small change that made several aspects of my life change too because now I knew I could take up a healthy habit, do something new I thought I was totally incapable of, and I actually won the perfect attendance award of the year. I'm very proud of my journey. 

Now I know that hyper-achievers are just normal people who organize their lives, and you can do it too.

I know I'm of no eminence, but these steps helped me change an aspect of my life I had been trying to change since I can recall, so without further ado, here are 5 Steps to create a habit if you are not a hyper-achiever.

1. 1. Think of a goal

No matter the size of the goal, start by stating a very specific goal. Like "I'll go to the gym at least 3 times a week." Don't say "I'll go to the gym," choose a realistic objective you know you can achieve and start building from that on.

Think of a goal

2. 2. Make a plan

If your goal is to go to the gym, don't say "I'll go 3 times a week," "Say, at 7 after work I'll work out for 1 hour three times a week." Make room for your class, don't schedule anything at that time, block your calendar. 

Make a plan

3. 3. Have fun

One of the things I enjoy the most about my classes, and that is the reason why I started going 3 times a week and ended up going every day, is that I have a lot of fun. I laugh a lot, I sweat a lot, my gym partners and I encourage each other to do better each session, and we've become good friends. So, I truly love going to the gym, even when I'm utterly exhausted. 

Have fun

4. 4. Be patient and kind to yourself

If one day you feel like you need to skip a class or you don't get where you expected to, be flexible. But the following day, get up and continue with your plan, don't be hard on yourself but consistency is the key. 

Be patient and kind to yourself

5. 5. Surround yourself with positive people

We are influenced by people around us, so if you surround yourself with people that want to create healthy habits, you are more likely to succeed. Always choose people that are a little ahead of you on the learning curve to be your friends, they push your limits. 

Surround yourself with positive people

Aniela Dybiec

Aniela is a writer who loves art, makeup, and magick. She is also an amateur illustrator, a wellness fan and a vegetarian.+ info

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