5 Realistic and sensible tips to burn fat 5 Realistic and sensible tips to burn fat

5 Realistic and sensible tips to burn fat

Trying to cut down on calories can surely be challenging. We sometimes go to great lengths in order to lose weight and the restrictions that we set upon ourselves are so harsh that the rate of failure is quite high. So why not try these 5 realistic and sensible tips to burn fat?

5 Realistic and sensible tips to burn fat

If you remove all the pleasure from eating the chances are that you will eventually give in to the earthly pleasures and end up binge eating whatever you've been restricting yourself to. Instead, you should go for realistic goals that truly help you lose weight and create healthy habits. In 2021 we already know that crash diets are not a good choice. 

The key is to change your relationship with food and exercise and adopt a different lifestyle. 

1. On eating well

On eating well

First of all, you have to snack wisely, what do I mean by that? Go for whole foods and one ingredient ones, a piece of fruit, some nuts, crudités are good ideas. More than one ingredient in foods such as sandwiches or potato chips are not a good idea.

Make sure your food contains a lot of fiber, which will keep you full for longer and it will also improve your gut health, make sure to include probiotics too.

2. Make the most of your workout sessions

Make the most of your workout sessions

Incorporate weight training as it will help with insulin sensitivity and it will also provide a metabolic boost. Cardio training is also beneficial if you are trying to burn calories but prioritize training over cardio because you probably do cardio by daily movement -walking, playing or going to the store. 

3. Don't ever drink your calories

Don't ever drink your calories

Drinking alcohol, sodas or any other beverage with added sugar will not give you any feeling of fullness and by no means will they contribute to your nutrition. Drink lots of water and green tea instead. In fact, green tea apart from being tasty and packed wth antioxidants, it is said to help you burn fat. 

4. Control your stress

Control your stress

Stress and anxiety make you more prone to overeat and to make poor food choices. In addition, high levels of stress increase the production of cortisol, your stress hormone, this hormone tells your body to store fat. Keeping your stress at bay is very important to lose weight. 

5. Sleep well

When you are tired, you tend to crave fatty food and stress starts to build up. It has been actually proven that sleeping well can contribute to weight loss and reduced levels of stress. 

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