4 Things you didn't know about waxing 4 Things you didn't know about waxing

4 Things you didn't know about waxing

Getting rid of body hair is a choice, not a must, here are 4 things you didn't know about waxing. 

 4 Things you didn't know about waxing

One of the best decisions I took was to opt for laser hair removal. I hated to deal with ingrown hairs and if I shaved, I dealt with razor burns and if I used wax, I had to go to the salon at least twice a month. Getting rid of body hair was a painful process and I frankly hated it. I wish I had had the gusts not to shave, but I don't, so I went for laser, and I don't regret it a bit. 

So if you are going to use wax to remove your body hair, this is what you must know. 

4 Things you didn't know about waxing

1 Waxing is exfoliating

Have you ever wondered why your skin in the bikini area or armpits gets darker over time? When you wax, the surface layer, and dead skin cells are removed together with the hair, this can cause hyperpigmentation, especially if you have sensitive skin. So if you must carry SPF if you are going to be exposed to sunlight. 

2 Your skin's barrier function will be compromised 

There will be microtears in your skin that can let bacteria and fungus in, thus make sure to moisturize and stay away from tight clothes. Your skin after waxing will be more irritated and sensitive than usual, so avoid hot baths or any exposure to heat for at least 24 hours after you've removed your hair.

3 If you take blood thinners, don't wax

Stripping hair from your pores is, in fact, a kind of aggression to your skin, and if you already take blood thinners, it can make your skin more prone to bleeding. 

4 Don't use panty liners

Did you know that most panty liners and pads are basically bleached wood pulp? These chemicals can irritate your skin, especially, if you have just waxed your bikini area. 

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